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Waking up after a magic ritual gone wrong that killed his apprentice, master thief Garrett finds his medieval City ravaged by a mysterious plague. With citizens chafing under the Baron's tyrannical rule, the City is ripe for revolution.
Following a botched job that killed his apprentice, Garrett wakes up to find the City he thought he knew changed, and not for the better. The mysterious Gloom sickness plagues an already diseased and contentious population. Into this volatile mix appears a man claiming to have a cure for both the Gloom and the Baron's iron rule. Orion, voice of the people, hires Garrett to find a book he claims is the key to saving the City from the Gloom. Garrett soon finds that things are not as they appear and he's more wrapped up in events than he ever believed possible.
Thief proposes many great and fascinating additions to the stealth genre of gaming. Unfortunately, it seems to do them at all the wrong times and places. Where sneaking is best done in the shadows, it seems that this entire game is at nighttime. Where knockout takedowns can be entertaining, the game far too often gives you the Game Over when spotted by select individuals. And my least favorite blunder: the AI doesn&#39;t do anything fluid or natural. Neither does Garrett for that matter. Save for his &quot;Swoop&quot; ability, Garrett&#39;s movements are simple: stay crouched the entire game, hold Ctrl, and pray for a time that this game implements the run-and-duck maneuver that we so love from Square-Enix&#39;s Deus Ex (among others).<br/><br/>The enemy AI, however, is what disappointed me more than anything. I distinctly remember a time that I should have been killed six times over if not more. I had accidentally fallen off a wooden beam in front of three armed guards. They noticed me in a heartbeat and I ran. I stood hidden in a pantry for a few minutes and decided that I ought to grab a soda. When I returned, I was still happily hidden, with no one even dreaming to find me in a man-sized pantry, but even so, these guards wandered for no more than a few seconds and then stood in scripted locations and….well, posted like basketball players. They posted just in those locations where their torches were a nuisance and their eyesight pointed directly at you. They didn&#39;t ever move again, forcing me into combat again. After that bout, they moved right back where they were before and the process continued until I ended up killing everyone I saw until the end of the map.<br/><br/>It&#39;s amazing how a game of such hype can be no greater than its cloned predecessor. With a comparison that I hate to give but must needs be, Dishonored is a game that far surpasses Thief in every way. The milieu is more intriguing, the characters more engaging, and the plot more involving and much less predictable. For those who haven&#39;t, go buy Dishonored. For those who have, don&#39;t waste your time here. It was a game that meant well, that fell on every caltrop with the exception of encouraging kleptomania.
(Mild Spoilers)<br/><br/>You have to give credit to any game where developers utilize Shroud (software designed for the sole purpose of making fabrics look, move and sound real).<br/><br/>Many hardcore fans of the series have balked at the fact that the original voice over artist for the games main character was not used, but in reality that isn&#39;t such a big deal. Garrett isn&#39;t very chatty anyhow. This game offers so much more by way of story, graphics, dialog, fluid gameplay and near less endless free roaming in search of loot.<br/><br/>The City is a unique blend of old world European and dark Gothic stylings. Every new area is a joy to explore and steal from. The AI is fairly intelligent and slipping away can be just as difficult as a fight if you&#39;re caught where you shouldn&#39;t be, or simply spotted by patrols. This game demands players plan out their every move. Those who &quot;wing it&quot; will end up loading their last save way too often. Patience is the key and that&#39;s part of what makes this a great game. Rushing gets you nowhere but dead. Carefully casing your sorry undying sand obstacles is key. The developers also added numerous ways in/out of locations during missions so exactly how safe you want to play it is up to you. It&#39;s a refreshing change from other games that may give you two entry/exit points if you&#39;re lucky.<br/><br/>This game is certainly not for young children as nudity and sexual innuendo is abound, yet appropriate for the story. The story also contains an eerie paranormal twist that definitely takes this from being a mere stealth game. The variety of game difficulties is nice and the option to customize your own personal game mode can really be fulfilling; allowing you to play to your strong suits or merely bone up on your weaker skills. The Challenge maps/modes are few but certainly satisfying as you constantly wish to play them over to outdo yourself and your friends.<br/><br/>I gave this 8/10 because there are some obvious audio glitches with conversations heard on the streets and the Side Jobs were far from plentiful and at times feel &quot;beneath&quot; you in comparison to story line missions that demand much more for the biggest rewards. <br/><br/>In all I feel fans of stealth games who consider themselves true pro&#39;s will not be disappointed and those new to stealth games will find it to be an excellent introduction to the genre.

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