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An action-packed thriller starring Charles Bronson as Jack Murphy, a cop who is running to stay alive long enough to even the score with his wife's killer.
Charles Bronson plays Jack Murphy a veteran police detective who is framed for the murder of his ex-wife. Although taken into custody, Murphy escapes from the police station handcuffed to a foul-mouthed car thief. Pursued by the police, Murphy must find the real killer before it is too late.
Nothing exceptional about this Bronson entry. It's still watchable. Kathleen Wilhoite's teen thief character says the dumbest things ever in an effort to be insulting. Who actually thought what she was saying was either funny or raunchy? Bronson gets to run around and shoot things and says "Don't f*** with Jack Murphy!" twice. A really goofy film that should please hardcore Bronson fans.
Life has been pretty tough on Jack Murphy(Charles Bronson), a cop whose ex-wife left him for the owner of a strip club(she dances there!)and has become a victim of a female psychopath(Carrie Snodgress), recently paroled after being put away by him for ten years after shooting her boyfriend. When we first are introduced to Murphy, his car is being stolen by a thief, Arabella(Kathleen Wilhoite), a disrespectful young woman with an abusive mouth and bad manners. Then we recognize that he's a boozer after his wife left him. Murphy has to kill a pimp when this nutcase goes berserk shooting people at an airport..this pimp had murdered one of his prostitutes and is the brother of a mafioso named Frank Vincenzo(Richard Romanus)who vows to get revenge on Murphy. When Murphy is set up for the murder of his ex-wife and her lover by Freeman he must go on the lam, escaping lock up with Arabella in tow(they are handcuffed and he was responsible for finally finding and arresting her). When Freeman kills Murphy's former partner, Jack is again considered the one responsible. Then Freeman kills a judge and prosecutor and when Murphy finds out through his partner, Art(Robert F Lyons), that she is the one he helped send to prison, all the murders become perfectly clear..Freeman is taking out everyone who put her in prison. With Bill Henderson, on crutches(because of his being shot in the back by a 16 year old teenager), as Ben Wilcover, Murphy's partner, and Angel Tompkins as Jan, Jack's ex-wife who has a strip tease at one point in the movie. Lawrence Tierney has a cameo as a private investigator who gets Freeman the names and addresses of those associated with her imprisonment suffering a rather unpleasant fate when he insists on payment for extra expenses. One of several collaborations between Bronson and director J Lee Thompson. Meanspirited and violent, MURPHY'S LAW gets its laughs come from the unlikely partnership of Murphy and Arabella who become friendly as they attempt to evade law enforcement, while trying to clear Jack's name. The ending has Snodgress, as you've never seen her before, equipped with a crossbow(having kidnapped Arabella right from under Murphy's nose), and Vincenzo, with his gangster thugs, both aiming to kill Murphy in the old Bradbury building. Many might get a kick out of Wilhoite's smart aleck mouth as she spouts foul gibberish such as "Eat boogers", "Watch out snot-rag", and "penis envy" towards those who get on her bad side. This movie certainly stacks the deck against poor Murphy who has his share of difficulties thanks to Snodgress.

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