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"Trigger" Carson, a range detective, is sent by the governor to roundup a band of rustlers that is terrorizing a section of the state where they have set up headquarters. He runs into an ambush but, with the aid of a prospector, Jed Clinton, he drives them off in a gun battle. Later, he goes to the rustler ranch, describes himself as a fugitive from the law, and his hired as a gunman. Jed joins the gang as a cook. Luke Todd, the leader of the gang, has a younger brother, Marty, who is in love with Edith Elkins, whose rancher father is the head of a vigilance committee,for defense against the rustlers, and he is opposed to her romance with Marty. Luke, about to drive a large herd of rustled cattle across the border, sends "Trigger" to kidnap Edith and use her as a hostage.
Cowboy infiltrates an outlaw gang to expose their rackets, but after he's ordered to kidnap a young girl, the gang finds out who he really is.
&quot;The Last of the Clintons&quot; is one of a series of mid 30s independent oaters starring Harry Carey. The &quot;Clinton&quot; of the title, for what its worth is the character of Jed Clinton (Victor Potel) who is along for nothing more than sidekick comedy relief.<br/><br/>Carey plays Trigger Carson a detective who infiltrates a gang of rustlers headed by Luke Todd (Tom London) and his chief henchman Pete (Earl Dwire). Carson is working with the town vigilante committee headed by Elkins (Charles &quot;Slim&#39; Whitaker). Elkins has a daughter Edith (Betty Mack) who is in love with Todd&#39;s brother Marty (Del Gordon). Carson manages to outsmart the rustlers and get the young lovers together by the end of the picture. The way in which London &quot;gets his&quot; at the film&#39;s climax shows a little imagination on the part of the film maker. Also of note is the fact that the usual big gunfight takes place at the beginning of the film rather than at the end.<br/><br/>Carey was always better than his material. His maturity and air of authority raised the level of these little one hour horse operas considerably. Again, he plays a father figure who straightens out a young man about to get himself into trouble.<br/><br/>Not bad for a poverty row quickie.
Although this entry stars Harry Carey, our star doesn&#39;t play the title character. Instead, Clinton is a comedy-relief role played by Victor Potel. In fact, I don&#39;t even remember the title&#39;s ominous message – last! – being mentioned in the movie at all. Not that it matters, because The Last of the Clintons is a minor film with minor production values and minor variations on the usual familiar themes. The main innovation is that the usual big shoot-out (in which no-one of importance gets shot) occurs at the beginning rather than the end. Indeed, the actual climax is rather tame. Nevertheless, Carey breezes through the movie in his usual captivating style, despite the fact that he often seems to be playing second fiddle to lesser members of the cast, including not only Vic Potel, but Tom London as the chief villain, plus Del Gordon and Betty Mack as the young lovers caught up in London&#39;s snare. So Carey doesn&#39;t even get the girl! Yet, what&#39;s worse is that he doesn&#39;t dispose of the villain either. In fact, our number-one bad guy is the victim of what we writers call a &quot;deus ex machina&quot;, that is an outside event over which the main players have little or no control, for example being eaten by a stray mountain lion or falling to his death when his horse rears at the sight of a snake on the edge of a precipice! These, of course, are not the events that occur in this movie, but you get the idea. It&#39;s a disappointing climax, but nevertheless, Harry Carey is always worth seeing even when – as here! – he is all but outfoxed by script, director and minor players among the rest of the cast!

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